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Let’s be honest. Vape is complicated! Milligrams, Milliliters, Ohms, Volts, etc … it can have something of a steep learning curve.

Starting out, it can all be overwhelming. Once upon a time, we all started out that way. What should I get? Who should I get it from? Should I order it online, or buy it in a store? If I order it online, will I be getting what I paid for or a cheap knock off? If I go to a store, will the staff walk me through it, or just tell me what they want me to buy and walk off?

That’s where we come in! Come in … have a seat … ask questions. Sure, we want to make a sale, but we also want you to be happy and educated! Our staff will walk you through what exactly all this vaping business is, and how you might benefit from it.
We also have an ever-expanding selection of flavors, which we invite everyone to come in and sample. No complicated cartomizer or drip tip priming … all our samples are provided already assembled and primed in an easy to use package!

We use only the highest quality ingredients that are sourced in the USA. Making an enjoyable e-liquid is like cooking an enjoyable meal … starting with quality ingredients is very important.

We’re enthusiastic about vape, and we want you to be as well! We hope you leave satisfied with whatever you received at our establishment, even if it just answers. Happy Vaping!

We are located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Hope to see you seen for all your smoking needs.